Making Architecture Matter - Martin Fowler Keynote

I don't really like the term software architecture because it summons up these images of some senior person in an organization who is setting rules and standards for how software should be written but hasn't actually written any software for maybe ten or twenty years and these architects Joel Spolsky used the term architecture astronauts often cause a lot of problems for software projects and so the whole term architect and architecture has that kind of nasty taste to it and this is particularly something that that we need to change is industry

Industry tips for transitioning into software architecture - Interview with Mark Richards

I think an effective software architect really does percent about in my opinion and I think that's and that's where I see there's technical architects sure and sure they can architect solutions but architecture is more than just drawing the boxes and lines it's more than just understanding the right solution it's being able to lead the teams through the implementation of your architecture it's being able to work with teams it's be able to get developer buy-in stakeholder buy-in and so that underlying being able to work with people is really one of those attributes

Role of the Architect

We were talking about architects you do a lot of you know a leader in the architect community I think and thinking like that what do you what's the role of an architect these days that's a very interesting question right so I think the term the architects actually overloaded it actually evolved over the years in the early years in the early 90s people even have the title architect like if you were to go back in time and corner and team and say who's your architect they're going to say IQ what yeah I mean at most you had like a technical lead team

Who Is a Software Architect?

We need a software architect in the project what this position is about what does it mean our just title what I've seen before and most of the projects is that software architect is a programmer who is getting the highest salary who is working on more complex problems who is the most respectful guy in the crew who is staying without for a long time

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