What Is Technical Debt In Software Development And The Impact To The Business?

In today, I would like to talk about technical debt specifically in software development. This is one of the topics that I'm passionate about. In fact one of the reasons why I'm interested with Scrum is not only because Scrum emphasize heavily on the people aspect in software development but also because Scrum as taught by Ken Schwabe, one of the co-founders of Scrum, emphasize heavily on technical excellence and professionalism in software development. Interestingly if we look around us, there are more and more organizations using Scrum in our industry and at the same time I also see many organizations care less about technical debt in the product they develop. A lot of people from the business, a lot of managers think that Scrum is only about delivering products fast

Can The Scrum Master Also Be The Developers?

Today, I would like to share with you the answer to one of the most common questions that I get from people that is: "Can the Scrum Master also be the Scrum developer or can one person play both the Scrum Master and the Scrum developer role?". And before we get into this I will share with you some common reasons why companies may want one person to be both the Scrum Master and also play the Scrum developer role. The first reason why a lot of companies ask one person to be the Scrum Master and also be part of the Scrum developers is because the Scrum Master role is not fully understood yet in the company

How to Evaluate the Scrum Master's Performance

I'd like to share about how to evaluate the Scrum Master's performance. The reason why I want to talk about this topic is because just a few months ago, a CEO of a multinational company, who is also my client, asked me: I've got so many Scrum Masters in the company, how do I know which one is valuable to the company? How do I know which one I should retain or not?. If you're also interested to learn more about this topic, don't go anywhere stay tuned. As you have seen on my previous video on the Scrum Master stances, the Scrum Master uses several stances to improve the organization agility.

When Does the Scrum Master Use The Coaching, Teaching, Mentoring, Leadership, Facilitation Stances

If you're an aspiring Scrum Master, don't go anywhere, stay tuned. The key to be an Awesome Scrum Master is balance, that is knowing when to use the right stances within the right context. The Scrum Master uses several stances to improve the organization agility, that is the teaching stance, mentoring stance, coaching stance, leadership stance and facilitation stance. To explain what stances the Scrum Master should be using according to the context that the Scrum Master is experiencing,

How to Hire for AWESOME Scrum Masters | Five Scrum Master Recruitment, Interview & Hiring Tips

I think in today's I'm gonna talk about how to recruit awesome Scrum Masters from the job market. The reason why I want to talk about this topic is because last week when I was in Melbourne somebody asked me to have a chat over coffee and he asked me what are the things to look out for when recruiting for Scrum Masters from the job market. During the conversation, I didn't have any kind of list or criterias, the conversation just emerges and flows through. After having that conversation I jot down the list, the things that I've been using when I'm looking out for Scrum Masters from the job market over the past few years.

10 Common Mistakes Scrum Master Makes And Their Remedies

Now, we will be discussing 10 common mistakes of the scrum master and their remedies. Knowing the mistakes beforehand which are generally made by the scrum master can provide an added advantage of minimizing the risk of mistakes even before they occur. The first mistake, Scrum Master acting as a Project Manager. In the Agile methodology, companies follow the “Daily Scrums”. Before starting the day’s work, teams gather around the board to discuss the current and the preceding days’ tasks. Usually, team members report on ‘what they did yesterday’, and wait for the Scrum Master’s reply on ‘which task to do today’, instead of self-organizing within the team.

Scrum Master Role

There are three distinct roles in scrum the scrum master the product owner and the development team the scrum master assists both the development team and the product owner the scrum master works with the product owner to maximize return on investment the scrum master empowers the development team by fostering creativity removing impediments and coaching and mentoring as appropriate the product owner is responsible for project success by defining the project vision requirements and priorities the product owner has to resist the temptation to manage the team or add more important work after a Sprint has begun the product owner has to be willing to make the hard choices during sprint planning

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