What Are The Differences Between Project Manager And Scrum Product Owner?

nitially I started my own YouTube channel just to improve my creativity as a Scrum Master as it is important for the Scrum Master to be creative. I didn't realised that a lot of people actually found values in my vlogs. So thank you once again and let's start today's video. So in today's video I would like to discuss about the differences between project manager and Product Owner. This topic was requested by Dejan Majkic on my previous video about project manager versus Scrum Master. So if you're also interested to know about the differences between project manager and Product Owner, don't go anywhere stay on this video.

Top 10 Terms Project Managers Use

Today on terms that project managers used today I'm going to talk about my top ten and hopefully they'll be helpful I want to point you to a resource that I think it's very helpful this is the guide to project management body of knowledge by PMI the project management institute there are other resources out there you can certainly google some of these terms too but it's important coming into project management

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