Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture Debate

If you're interested in web development you've probably already heard the monolithic verse microservice debate it's difficult to talk about web apps without this discussion arising well you can create beautiful functional applications with either option it's important to look closely at the two so you can pick out the one that is right for your needs before I give my opinion on them and which one to use I want to give a very basic definition for what a monolithic application is versus a microservice based one monolithic architecture

Microservices - Martin Fowler

My colleagues and friends have been talking about micro services and for me the struggle was to try and figure out well what exactly are they what do people really mean when they talk about microservices and also you know when should we consider using this technique is it new or not do we use it do we not use it and what nerf is it in the first place I mean the basic idea is fairly straightforward you contrast it with what's considered to be a traditional monolithic application a monolithic application means you've got various capabilities various things that you want to provide and you put them all in the same application typically running in a single process

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