Architecht Interview Questions And Answers

The first question during your architect interview is going to be: Tell me about yourself and the past experiences you have relevant to the role of an architect? So, here is my suggested answer. “I am someone who is very passionate about my work as an Architect. I am highly-professional, creative, flexible and, above all, I hold the relevant technical knowledge and expertise to carry out this job in line with the expectations of your company. The past experiences I have relevant to this role include, previous stints as an Architect at both small and medium-sized organizations, whereby I was often working with a diverse range of clients on complex architectural projects that involved large numbers of interested stakeholders and contractors. I have never missed a project deadline and I am always able to come up with solutions to often complex financial or infrastructural architectural issues that meet the needs of the client. One of the main strengths I possess as an Architect, that I feel makes me a strong contender for this position, is the fact I am someone who always takes ownership of challenging situations and I will go the extra mile to come up with the right solution to the project I am responsible for.”

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