What is Apache Kafka

I'd like to tell you what Apache Kafka is, but first, I wanna start with some background. For a long time now, we have written programs that store information in databases. Now, what databases encourage us to do is to think of the world in terms of things, things like, I don't know, users and maybe a thermostat. That's a thermometer, but you get the idea. Maybe a physical thing, like a train, let's see, here's a train. Things, there are things in the world. Database encourages us to think in those terms and those things have some state. We take that state, we store it in the database. This has worked well for decades, but now some people are finding that it's better, rather than thinking of things first, to think of events first. Now events have some state too, right? An event has a description of what happened with it, but the primary idea is that the event is an indication in time that the thing took place.

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