Prepare for Your Google Interview Systems Design

Today, we will cover communication, designing with scale in mind, concrete and quantitative solutions, how you manage trade-offs and compromises and overall best practices. But before we jump into the core focus areas of this interview, here are a few things to note: You will not be coding in this interview. There will also be significant time constraints. We’ll expect you to gather requirements and to develop an initial solution in the first 20 minutes. So please be sure to use your time wisely. Communication is incredibly important in the work we do at Google. And that’s because it’s key to how we approach developing and building our products. In your interview, it’s important to demonstrate those qualities

Systems Design Interview Concepts (for software engineers / full-stack web)

Today I wanted to give you a technical rundown of systems design interview concepts that you need to know to ace your job interview so the systems design interview usually does not have to do so much with coding people don't want to see you write actual code but little snippets here and there and they really want to know how you glue an entire system together and that is part of the job interview especially for senior engineers so usually in the software engineering interview you may have three coding sessions one behavior and then one systems design for senior candidates

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